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Established in 1979, our Company has 40 years’ experience in the field of precision mechanics, and can work a variety of different materials, such as carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron, plastics, titanium, stainless steel and super alloys. Machining operations can be performed on parts resulting from casting, on welded structures or from solid, from materials such as flat sheets, solid bars, and forged ingots.
We use only the most technically advanced software and equipment, such as SolidEdge CAD and Esprit CAM software – CNC machines2 milling machines, 3 boring machines, 2 vertical machining centers, 3 horizontal machining centers, 1 DEA coordinate measuring machine.
Our processes – milling, boring, reaming, drilling, grinding of cams profiles and other different profiles – are supported by our inspection staff, from the first step of the production cycle, up to the final testing through DEA coordinate measuring machine.
We are certified to the standards of UNI/EN ISO 9001:2008 by the RINA association.
Passion for our work, quality and creativity have always been our trademark, allowing us to meet any specific client’s need. We specialize in customized, short and long-run production, from standard production to custom made projects; we can produce prototypes and short runs up to 6 meters, and long-run jobs, with dimensions up to one square meter.Additionally, working alongside skilled and trusted partners, we can offer, when needed, external services, such as arc-welding, grinding, turning, heat treatments and surface treatments.
Our distinguished professional approach has allowed us, over the years, to establish strong and successful relationships with customers, offering a competent, timely, modern and fast service, that always aims to reach the highest quality of products and the complete customer satisfaction.
Our know-how is valued by important customers in different sectors, such as energy, iron and steel, research, textile, machine tools, wood, packaging, gold and marble industries.
Always committed to the highest standards of excellence, we have built our reputation on our quality, reliability, technologies and experience. We are a partner you can trust.




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